Stop Trying to Find Your Life Purpose and Passion

One of the biggest tricks in the book to stop us is feeling like we are not ready to share a message because we don’t know it yet.  We feel like we have to go on this search for purpose that wastes precious time you could be serving others.

100% Responsibility Vs Anti-Responsibility

You have got to listen to this episode.  The Anti-Responsibility list is amazing and scary accurate.


Want to read his full talk and get the list? Click here to access the talk.

Didn’t make an offer because you felt impressed not too? BULLoney!!!!

Ever been through a time where you are teaching something and you feel like you shouldn’t make an offer because if just didn’t feel right?  Well, if you have you like many others have fallen victim to a powerful obstacle.  Learn what to do so that it never happens again!

Why Goal Setting Sucks

Have you ever felt like you had to set goals because you were expected to?  Or loath the process of goal setting?  Or maybe you are one of those who don’t even set goals anymore which makes life way better.  Here is some light on why we feel like goal setting can suck so bad.

The Power of Education…the Rwanda Experience

Have you read the book Left to Tell?   If you want to understand how to manifest through God, how to use education to free you, and how to forgive on a deeper level read this book!  Here are my thoughts about the piece around education and having a vision.